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Should I need a brand new Website for my business where I own a Facebook page?

Some business owners still think going with a Facebook page only is all it needs to make that business successful. In my previous blog post, I discussed Why a website is more important than a Social Media Page.

Till today I’ve talked to some business owners having only a Facebook page as their business destination. They were happy with it. I tried to convince them to make a website, they gave me the middle finger. They are happy with the earning from Facebook It feels like, they don’t give a SH**T to me and my words.

By the way, I’ll still try to convince small business owners to create a website for their business. Today I’m showing you a handy Infographic about Facebook Page vs. A Website. Please feel free to share my infographic on your Social Media channels 😉

Facebook Page vs. A Website. | Infographic
Facebook Page vs. A Website | Infographic